For us CALM stands for Cultivate Awareness, Live Mindfully. We believe that the first part of making changes occurs through developing insight and understanding. We might engage in patterns within ourselves and even in our relationships that require exploration. These patterns may create barriers to living the way we would like to live. Practicing mindfulness and self-compassion can help us overcome these barriers.

At CALM Counseling Austin we work with those struggling with eating disorders or disordered eating as well as negative body image. These issues take tremendous understanding into what our self-talk patterns are like. In addition to understanding these thought processes, we work towards transforming the relationship we have with these critical thoughts and thus the relationship we have with ourselves and with the people in our lives.

Vanessa Scaringi, PhD is a Licensed Psychologist whose research and experience has been dedicated to working with eating disorders and body image. She has worked in several eating disorder treatment centers and specializes in helping people develop more positive relationships with food and their bodies.

Kathryn Garland is a Licensed Clinical Social worker who also has significant experience working with eating disorders as well as wide range of other clinical issues. She works with adolescents and adults to help them understand themselves and live more mindfully.

Please take a look at our individual bios to learn more about us.

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