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Teleheath Group Offerings at CALM

(Reduced Rate 6 Week Sessions)

Please contact us for scheduling

Teen Talk Group:

A space to express thoughts about staying connected in a time of social distancing, school disruption, and online learning. This 6 week group will meet weekly to discuss anxiety around staying at home and finding ways to increase connection to other peers within a safe therapeutic frame.

Facilitator: Naomi Kidder, LPC-Intern

Time: Wednesdays @ 3pm

Working Parents Support Group:

A place to process, release, and restore in an uncertain time with many certain obligations, responsibilities, and emotional labor. Parents working from home will have an opportunity to connect to other stay-at-home workers to discuss the challenges and (sometimes) joys of working from home.

Facilitator: Brooke Bishop, LCSW

Time: Fridays @ 11am

Adult Telehealth Process Group:

A 6 week group designated to processing anxiety around social distancing, working from home, partner relationships, financial stability, as well as assistance with tolerating ambiguity. Group will be a place to share worries, encourage one another, and create a safe space to explore coping skills, identify triggers, and work through maladaptive patterns of behavior.

Facilitator: Amanda Fuhr, LCSW

Time: Thursdays @ 10am

ED Telehealth Support Group:

In this time of social distancing and staying at home, food scarcity concerns, anxiety about abundance of food supply at home, and reduction in movement can increase eating disorder thinking and create barriers to recovery. This group will be a place to share ED fears as well as explore methods to cope in order to maintain recovery focus.

Facilitator: Cora Glazer, LCSW

Time: Fridays @ 2pm

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